Students & Alumni

Graduate Students

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Jay Angel

I am currently working on using Zeeman Spectroscopy to determine the magnetic field in magnetized plasma expanding into vacuum.

Nate Chalmers

Nate Chalmers

I am learning how to run experiments on our XP pulsed power system with the assistance of Senior Researchers. I am also utilizing my work on XP to confirm the path of my future study, which could be focused on radiative collapse, x-ray spectroscopy, inductive dips, or other related topics.

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Chiatai Chen

My current lab role is studying the feasibility of forming a magnetic mirror with an auto-magnetization liner on COBRA.

Given Chebn

Jiyuan Chen

Jiyuan (Given) Chen earned his bachelor’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and is now a Ph.D. graduate student in the Applied and Engineering Physics Department at Cornell University. In his undergraduate study, he worked on betatron radiation generated in Laser Wakefield Acceleration. Using the same simulation tool, he now is investigating the ionization processes and other interesting plasma phenomena in laser and meta-surface interactions.

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Euan Freeman

I am currently working on developing and using a Faraday Rotation diagnostic to study the magnetic field distribution in imploding gas-puff Z-pinches. These measurements will  be used to confirm and compare with other magnetic field diagnostics such as Zeeman Spectroscopy and B-dot probes, and be used to develop a further understanding of the current distribution in these plasmas. In the future, I also plan to field this diagnostic on loads relevant to power-flow experiments.



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Thomas Hentschel

I am currently working with Stephanie Hansen on improving the efficiency and accuracy of atomic-scale models to predict properties of warm dense matter. These models can be used in conjunction with a hydrodynamics code to predict the energy lost as radiation during the implosion phase of the Cornell Z-pinch experiments.

Jihoon Kim

Jihoon Kim

I work on ultra intense Laser-Plasma interaction using Particle-In-Cell codes and analytical modeling. My current projects include laser phase dependent phenomena in laser-wakefield accelerators and ion acceleration using structured targets and Petawatt-class lasers.


Joshua Luoma

I am interested in studying fundamental plasma physics and its application to engineering and industry. At Cornell, I am helping to design a two-color interferometry and shadowgraphy diagnostic for the COBRA pulsed power generator. This diagnostic will image plasma with both visible (532 nm) and ultraviolet (355 nm) laser light, capturing plasma dynamics and enabling the measurement of plasma density. The ultraviolet light is particularly useful, as it can probe deeper into the plasma than visible light.


Undergraduate Students

Paul Beck

Jake Lawson

Jeffrey Munsell

Alumni (2012-2022)

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Dr. Levon Atoyan

co-founder of Active Energy Systems
Knoxville, Tennessee

Co-founder of Active Energy Systems, a startup that is commercializing a form of electro-thermal energy storage to be used at the grid scale. The company is currently being supported by the Innovation Crossroads program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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Dr. Jacob Banasek

University California San Diego
San Diego, CA

Currently a postdoctorate under Simon Bott-Suzuki.  Jacob’s primary focus is to help in the development of a Thomson scattering diagnostic for use on FuZE at the University of Washington to help study the sheared flow stabilized z-pinch.

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Dr. Tom Byvank

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM

A postdoctorate research associate with Scott Hsu working on the PLX project (PLX stands for “Plasma Liner Experiment”), where I will characterize the uniformity of a spherical shell of plasma produced from converging plasma streams (or “jets”), and also study fundamental shock physics.

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Ahmed Elshafiey

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM

As a postdoc at Los Alamos, Ahmed will be working on X-ray absorption spectroscopy and running MHD simulations to optimize capsule backlighters.

Jason Hamilton

Dr. Jason Hamilton

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM

A postdoctorate working in the Theory division (T-division). Jason will be modelling how transport affects magnetic disruptions in tokamaks.

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Dr. Nathanial Hamlin

Sandia National Laboratory
Albuquerque, NM

Involved in two code development projects. One of these is continued development of the PERSEUS extended-MHD code into what will eventually be a production-line code., including the incorporation of adaptive mesh refinement and multi-material modeling capabilities. The second project is a collaborative effort to develop a hybrid PIC-fluid code, with one major application being the modeling of power-flow in pulsed-power devices. For this latter project, I’ve been doing both code development and analytic modeling using Mathematica.

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Jeffrey Musk II

Sandia National Laboratory
Albuquerque, NM


Sophia Rocco

Dr. Sophia Rocco

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Sophia will be working in Andrea Schmidt’s group, which is in the National Security Engineering Division of the Engineering Directorate. She will working on diagnostics (primarily neutron diagnostics, as well as potentially Thomson scattering and spectroscopy) for a dense plasma focus (DPF) on the pulsed-power machine MJOLNIR. The DPF is being developed as a source for neutron radiography.

Dr. Kate Bell

Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Adam Cahill

Air Force Institute of Technology .
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Dr. Philip de Grouchy

Currently attending law school.

Joseph Engelbrecht

Naval Research Laboratory
Washington, DC

Dr. Cad Hoyt

National Oilwell Varco

Rig Technologies Analytics Team


Dr. Peter Schrafel

Momentum Dynamics
Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Xuan Zhao

Cylance, Inc.
Irvine, CA