The XP user is a low impedance generator that is capable of delivering 500 kA to the load with a 50 ns rise time.  The XP generator uses a four-stage current amplification process to create the desired pulse shape.  The energy delivered to the load is initially stored in a Marx generator followed by an intermediate storage capacitor and pulse forming line and finally a water-vacuum interface to deliver the current to the load.

The Marx generator consists of ten 1.8 μF capacitors typically charged in parallel to 42 kV each for a total of about 16 kJ.  The capacitors are discharged in series through spark gap switches to the intermediate storage capacitor (ISC) which has a total capacitance of 80 nF.  The ISC charges for about 900 ns before it is discharged through an SF6 filled self-breaking spark gap switch into the pulse forming line (PFL) which has a total capacitance of 34 nF.  The PFL charges for about 180 ns before it is discharged through 8 parallel water gap switches into the water-vacuum interface and the load region, delivering 500 kA in 50 ns.

Diagnostics available on XP:

  • PCDs, Si diodes, and XRDs
  • 3 Channels of shadowgraphy and interferometry
  • FSSR
  • Pinhole cameras
  • Visible spectrometer
  • ISC voltage, PFL voltage, and Load current monitors