Research Associate or Senior Research Associate Position at the Laboratory for Plasma Studies

Applications are solicited for a Research Associate or Senior Research Associate in experimental plasma physics, with the emphasis on applications of ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions to high energy density laboratory plasma physics, inertial confinement fusion, and particle acceleration for biomedical applications. This position is affiliated with the Laboratory for Plasma Studies (LPS), which is currently undergoing expansion under the new leadership and with significant support from the College of Engineering. The applicant should be interested in working closely with LPS director on expanding the scope of research at LPS, finding innovative ways for combining the unique present capabilities of LPS as a site of one the largest pulsed-power facilities (COBRA Z-pinch) with new laser-driven diagnostic tools (electrons, ions, x-rays), assisting with procuring funding support for new laser systems, and conducting innovative experimental research at the presently available laser facilities (in the US and around the world). Research areas of particular interest include: laser-plasma-based acceleration of electrons and ions, radiation generation, and interaction of high-intensity laser pulses with micro-structured solid targets. Opportunities for experimental research at nearby user facilities (LLE, ALLS, PPPL) also exist. More information can be found at the LPS website and at Prof. Shvets’ group website. A PhD in experimental physics or related area is required, and experience is desirable in one of the following areas: plasma physics, accelerator physics, laser-plasma interactions. The salary and benefits are competitive. Starting date: as early as March 2023. Apply at, with a statement of research interests, and the names of three references. Applications will be considered until this position is filled.

Gennady Shvets
Cornell University
Applied and Engineering Physics
208 Clark Hall
142 Sciences Drive
Ithaca, NY 14853