Bruce Kusse
Bruce Kusse

Prof. Bruce Kusse (AEP)

charles Seyler
Charles Seyler

Prof. Charles Seyler (ECE)

David Hammer
David Hammer

Prof. David Hammer (ECE)

Senior Research Associates

photo of John Greenly
John Greenly

Dr. John Greenly (ECE)

photo of Steve Lantz
Steven Lantz

Dr. Steven Lantz (CAC)

Visiting Professors

photo of Sergei Pikuz
Sergei Pikuz

Dr. Sergei Pikuz
Lebedev Institute of Physics, Moscow

photo of Stephanie Hansen
Stephanie Hansen

Dr. Stephanie Hansen
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque NM

photo of Tania Shelkovenko
Tatiana Shelkovenko

Dr. Tatiana Shelkovenko
Lebedev Institute of Physics, Moscow

Visiting Scientists

photo of N. Qi
Niansheng Qi

Dr. Niansheng Qi
L-3 Communications, San Leandro CA

Postdoctoral Associates

photo of Nat Hamlin
Nathaniel Hamlin

My focus is the computational modeling of plasmas in single-fluid, Hall, and two-fluid magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), primarily with applications to inertial confinement fusion. In particular, I have worked extensively on the incorporation of relativistic modeling capabilities into the PERSEUS extended-MHD simulation code. (PhD, UCLA, 2012)

Technical Staff

Daniel Hawkes
photo of Harry Wilhelm
Harry Wilhelm
Todd Blanchard
photo of Billy Potter
William Potter

Administrative Staff

photo of Cindy VanOstrand
Cindy VanOstrand

Graduate Students

photo of Jacob Banasek
Jacob Banasek

My current research interest is in developing spectroscopic techniques to measure properties of plasmas, including Zeeman splitting to measure magnetic field and Thomson scattering to measure various plasma parameters.

Jason Hamilton

I I am updating the PERSEUS code to solve the 13-moments of the Boltzmann equation as a way to naturally incorporate Nernst, Ettingshausen and other transport effects.

photo of Levon Atoyan
Levon Atoyan

I am interested in various approaches for achieving fusion and am currently conducting research relevant to the Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion concept in high energy density plasma physics.

photo of Shihao Tian
Shihao Tian

My research interest is in simulating and studying the behavior of high energy density plasma, especially the gas-puff Z-pinch experiment.

photo of Sophia Rocco
Sophia Rocco

Currently I am examining the evolution of turbulence in gas-puff Z-pinch plasmas, and the effects of micro-scale turbulence on radiation production.

photo of Tom Byvank
Tom Byvank

I study the effects of magnetic fields on laboratory plasma jets, and I compare experimental results with simulation predictions.

Undergraduate Students

Daniel You Liang
Jae Young (Dillan) Chang
Nathan Lambert
Robert Duggan


photo of Adam Cahill
Adam Cahill

Air Force Institute of Technology, Dayton Ohio

Cad Hoyt

Raytheon, Albuquerque NM

photo of Joey Engelbrecht
Joseph Engelbrecht

Syntek Technologies - Arlington VA

Kate Bell

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque NM

Peter Schrafel

Momentum Dynamics, Philadelphia PA

photo of Philip de Grouchy
Philip de Grouchy

Formerly I was a postdoctoral associate with the lab, and I continue to collaborate with Cornell. My research interests include gas-puff Z-pinch x-ray sources and plasma hydrodynamics, focusing on instability growth rates in inertial confinement fusion targets and young stellar jets. While at Cornell University, I served as lecturer for the introductory course in plasma physics, ECE 5810. (PhD, Imperial College London, 2013; currently employed at Imperial, 2016)

Xuan Zhao

Cylance, Inc., Irvine CA