Welcome to LPS

The Laboratory of Plasma Studies at Cornell University carries out a wide range of fundamental and applied research in pulsed-power-driven plasma physics including research related to inertial confinement fusion and astrophysics investigations.

This broad range is fundamental to understanding different characteristics of plasmas, from microscopic to macroscopic scales.

The integration between experiment, computation and theory is an important trait of this lab.

Recent Publications

A. D. Cahill, D. A. Hammer, S. A. Pikuz, and T. A. Shelkovenko; S. B. Hansen, An Analysis of K-edge Phenomena Observed in Exploding Aluminum Wires, 2016

Joseph Engelbrecht, Nicholas Ouart, Niansheng Qi, Philip de Grouchy, Tatiana Shelkovenko, Sergei Pikuz, Jacob Banasek, William Potter, Lauren Ransohoff, Sophia Rocco, John Giuliani, David Hammer, Bruce Kusse, Enhancing X-ray Output with a Gas-Puff Based Plasma Opening Switch, BAPS 61, No. 18, p.78 (2016).

Levon Atoyan, Tom Byvank, Joseph Engelbrecht, John Greenly, Sergei Pikuz, William Potter, Tania Shelkovenko, Bruce Kusse, David Hammer, Striation Formation in Cylindrical Liners Made of Various Materials Driven by a 1 MA Pulsed Power Generator, BAPS 61, No. 18, p.266 (2016).

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